The donations are automatically paid out on the first working day of the month. You can also have the donations paid out immediately. You will find this option on the balance page after logging into your account. The payouts are made by Online Payment Platform. Depending on your bank, it can take up to 2 business days longer for the money to arrive.

Users can simply Create A Fundraiser and immediately start receiving their donations. Meanwhile, users have to verify their bank account and identity. Once approved, users will be able to receive their donations.

Donations where a payment method with a chargeback risk was used, such as Direct Debit, PayPal or Credit Card, will not be released for payout until 30 days have passed.

Online Payment Platform is only accepted when the transitions take place from The European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Find here if your country is an EEA country - Does WhyDonate operate in my country?

Tip: On the 'Balance sheet' in your account, you can see exactly which amount still has to be paid out.
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