To use the PIN Collection Box, you must first switch it on. Once the collection box is booted completely and the Whydonate app opens, you can start collecting donations. Make sure that the PIN collection box is connected to your fundraiser. Read how to do that here.

The PIN Collection Box consists of a screen, payment terminal and battery and can be switched on and off as follows:

There are two buttons on the right side of the screen. Press the bottom button until the screen lights up. Switching off is done in the same way, press the button until you see a pop-up screen. Click on 'Turn off'.

You can also switch the screen to standby by pressing the same button once briefly. The screen will then go out, but the app will still run. To turn the screen back on, briefly press the same button again. This way you extend the battery life of the collection box.

Payment terminal
The payment terminal is located at the top of the PIN Collection Box. You can reach it by opening the top cover. The on and off button is located on the right side of the payment terminal. Long press the button until the payment terminal turns on or off. The payment terminal can also switch on automatically if a donation amount is selected on the screen. This may take a few seconds. If the payment terminal is not connected to power, it automatically goes into a sleep mode to save energy.

Both the screen and the payment terminal have their own battery, in addition, an extra battery is placed in the handle of the Collection Box to extend the battery life. You turn on this battery by pressing the button at the bottom of the handle until the blue lights turn on. As soon as you turn on the battery, it charges the screen and the payment terminal.
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