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In most cases, receiving donations is tax-free, but in some cases you have to pay taxes on the donations received. The amount and the relationship with the donor are matters that determine whether you should pay tax on your donation or not.

Short summary of the website of the tax authorities:

“Did you receive a donation in 2018? Or will you soon receive a donation? Then do a donation tax declaration if:

you received the gift from your parent (s) and this is higher than € 5.304
you received the donation from someone else and it is higher than € 2.122

Do you receive multiple donations in 1 year? Then you do not have to add these donations together if you receive them from different people.

There are 2 exceptions to this rule. Add the donations together if:

the donors or the recipients are partners
Do you want to know when donors or recipients are partners? Then go to the Partners page.
the donors are your parents, even if they are divorced

If the total amount exceeds € 2,122 (or € 5,304 for a donation from your parents), you must declare donation tax. "

Tip: Do you doubt whether you should pay tax on the donations received? Then contact the tax authorities.
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