Why do I need to register with Online Payment Platform?
Online Payment Platform (OPP) takes care of incoming payments (donations) and pays them out to you. To get the donations paid out, you need to verify some data with Online Payment Platform. You do this from your WhyDonate account.

OPP is supervised by The Dutch Bank (DNB) and has a license to offer this payment service. Due to legislation, they have an obligation to register and monitor the recipients of funds. Without successful verification, OPP is not allowed to make disbursements.

What does OPP need for the verification?
To verify your account, OPP requests the information below:

Private account
- First and last name.
- IBAN of the account on which you want to be paid.
- Verification of your bank account by means of a 1 cent payment, a copy of your bank card or a copy of your bank statement.

If total collections exceed €1,500, OPP requests the following additional information:
- A copy of your ID or confirmation of your identity via iDIN or Itsme.

Company account
- Chamber of Commerce number of the organisation acting as recipient of the funds.
- IBAN of the organisation's business account.
- ID proof or online identification of the legal representative.
- A completed UBO statement from the organisation.

How long will it take for my information to be verified?
After you send all the required information, OPP aims to complete the registration within 2 business days (5 business days for companies). During this time, donations can already be made. However, payment of these donations can take place after approval of the submitted information. If OPP is missing data, they will inform you by email of the additional information they need.

What should I pay attention to when submitting the data?
- The name on your bank account must match the name on your ID.
- A business account may not be linked to a private account. The same applies the other way around.
- The proof of identity must be clearly legible.
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